GSFL 2020

First Game


Encounter Bay v Langhorne Creek

Encounter Bay Oval



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Thought for the Week
"When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves"
Victor Frankl
Lutheran Church
Adelaide Rd
Victor Harbor
Monday 20th July - Thursday 23rd July
Call 13 14 95

Song of the Week

"The times they are a changing"

Jess & Matt

BreastScreen SA is ‘Popping Up’ in Victor Harbor!


BreastScreen SA provides free breast cancer screening (breast X-rays) every two years to healthy women aged 50 to 74 years, helping to detect breast changes that are too small to feel.


This year, BreastScreen SA is holding a Pop-up Clinic at the South Coast District Hospital, Victor Harbor, from

13 July to 18 December 2020.

This site will  link you to all things Art At Home. It's Fabulous!!!

Fascinated by all things


Tune in on Tuesdays 4:00-6:00pm and listen to Helena and her German Program




Perched on a hilltop,
Surrounded by sea.
Was a small cottage,
Beside an Oak tree.

Under the tree,
Sat a girl and her dog.
Watching the ocean,
Enveloped in fog.

A handful of boats,
Chugged along in the haze.
Her Dad aboard one,
He'd named "Sunnier Days".

The girl turned her head,
To the sparrows nearby.
Her buddy looked on,
With a glint in his eye.

"Easy", she said,
Whilst they flitted about.
His ears settled back,
And tongue swept his snout.

She ruffled his fur,
He was a good boy.
Their time together,
An absolute joy.

It's hard growing up,
Feeling misunderstood.
Not trusting the world,
To be honest and good.

This spot by the sea,
With her dog at her side.
Gave the girl solace,
A space to confide.


Nothing was sure as,
The sun in the sky.
Clouds didn't judge,
And the sea never lied.

Mountains were steady,
They weren't going to leave.
The trees understood,
And wouldn't deceive.

The girl closed her eyes,
And drew in a breath.
Her dog gently woofed,
Then lay down his head.

"I am", she said softly,
A whisper at best.
She breathed in again,
And lifted her chest.

"I am", she announced,
And the wind gathered pace.
A loose lock of hair,
Fell over her face.

"Yes", said the Oak tree,
Through rustling leaves.
"As am I", said the mountains,
Upon distant breeze.

"You are", said the ocean,
As waves met the shore.
"Yes", said her heart,
Like never before.

After a moment,
She opened her eyes.
A smile on her face
As she looked to the sky.

Amid her unease,
Of her place in the world.
Nature had spoken,
And so had the girl.

Georgie Bennett ©️

Love Mostly Jazz, Blues, Rock & Soul?

Check out this link to Our New Monday evening program at 8:00pm with  John Lennon and friends 

South Coast Camera Club Exhibition
The Old Courthouse Gallery in Goolwa has reopened with the South Coast Camera Club exhibition EXPOSED!
This exhibition explores many different styles of photography and is of a very high standard.
Also on show is the many varied methods of printing and presentation from the traditional framed print, canvases through to the very latest style of high definition metal panel prints. Has to be seen to be appreciated.
Check it out, even buy a piece and support a local artist.
Your time spent at EXPOSED! will not be wasted.


There is a Covid19 testing clinic at the South Coast Hospital



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90.1 HAPPY FM is a community radio station serving the residents of the Southern Fleurieu region.

Our broadcast range is from Mt. Compass to Victor Harbor to Goolwa and beyond.

Many in the outer fringe areas such as Noarlunga, Strathalbyn and Milang are able to receive our programs.

90.1 HAPPY FM prides itself in supporting the businesses in our listener area, and providing an information service to those areas.

Our station format caters to a variety of tastes including country music, sport, news, classic hits and easy listening as well as interviewing local identities.

Past telephone surveys have indicated that a significant proportion of radio listeners on the Fleurieu listen to 90.1 HAPPY FM, much greater than in Metropolitan areas.

Join us and enjoy the very best in radio!

To Watch our NEW video go to


Check out this website for more

information about

90.1 Happy FM.

If you have any questions

or would like to speak to a HappyFM

representative regarding the radio station,

please email us at

or call us at 08 8552-7999

At HappyFM,

the customers and listeners always come first.

Victor Central up and running

Say hello when you are passing our Goolwa Studio.

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