Song of the Week

"From a Distance"

Bette Midler

Thought for the Week

"Solitude is aloneness you choose and embrace. I think great things can come out of solitude ..."

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Song of the Week

Stand by Me

Bill Withers

Things to do when you have "nothing to do"

Part 3.

  • Read a Book

  • Write down your family history

  • Find some poems you like and send them to me

  • Phone some friends

  • Make your own Butterfly Cakes

  • Cook, Eat, Drink Water

  • Sort out all those things you have been meaning to do, wool tub, shed, button box, cards and letters, make something.

  • Do some jigsaw puzzles'clean your cutlery

  • Write your will

  • Do some stitching

  • Clean the Car, Endless!

  • Laugh, sing and smile.

  • Check out the great sites just below here for virtual tours of all sorts of amazing places.

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There is a Covid19 testing clinic at the South Coast Hospital

Poet's Corner

The Arrival


Mittens and Sox

An inseperable pair.

Lived in a house,

With the family there.

Two lazy felines,

Together since birth.

Indifferent in nature,

And hefty in girth.

Fairly content,

In no way perturbed,

Their days would be altered,

Or comfort disturbed.

Till one afternoon,

In April I think,

An unusual occurrence,

Created a stink.

The kitchen door opened,

An odour ensued.

The pheromone kind,

Which altered their mood.

A crate was set down,

And to their disbelief,

Mittens and Sox,

Met the source of their grief.

Eager and agile,

Bouncy and spry.

His name is Rodriguez!

The boy said with pride.

A gangly kitten,

All ready to play.

But Mittens and Sox,

Didn't see it that way.

Confronted and challenged,

They stiffened and growled.

Then circled the crate,

While Rodriguez meowed.

Next without warning,

Or time to amend,

The crate door burst open,

To release their new friend.

Animals scattered,

The boy quick to chase.

Fast on his feet,

But those cats had pace.

Remarkable really,

That ones so rotund,

Could move like the wind,

When sufficiently stunned.

Some hours later,

They finally emerged.

Two wary moggies,

Avoiding their scourge.

Nervous and ready,

With tums to the ground.

Mittens and Sox,

Emitted no sound.

Until the boy surfaced,

A grin ear to ear.

Confusing the kitties,

And then it was clear.

Perched on the catpost,

As if on a throne,

Sat regal Rodriguez,

Unfazed by the tone.

Licking his paw,

And surveying below.

For Mittens and Sox,

A new king was bestowed.


Georgie Bennett ©

Missing your sport?
Here are some great pictures

Early Women's Cricket Team

Don Bradman
Douglas Jardine of "Bodyline Fame"
Motor-cycle chariot racing
School Boys Football Team 1890 Victor Harbor



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90.1 HAPPY FM is a community radio station serving the residents of the Southern Fleurieu region.

Our broadcast range is from Mt. Compass to Victor Harbor to Goolwa and beyond.

Many in the outer fringe areas such as Noarlunga, Strathalbyn and Milang are able to receive our programs.

90.1 HAPPY FM prides itself in supporting the businesses in our listener area, and providing an information service to those areas.

Our station format caters to a variety of tastes including country music, sport, news, classic hits and easy listening as well as interviewing local identities.

Past telephone surveys have indicated that a significant proportion of radio listeners on the Fleurieu listen to 90.1 HAPPY FM, much greater than in Metropolitan areas.

Join us and enjoy the very best in radio!

Victor Central up and running

Say hello when you are passing our Goolwa Studio.

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