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"Skin Deep"
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Fast fashion is a term used to describe a highly profitable and exploitative business model based on replicating catwalk trends and high-fashion designs, mass-producing them at low cost.
Oftentimes, this entails exploiting workers in inhumane conditions. The term fast fashion is also used to generically describe the products of the fast fashion business model.
The fast fashion business model was made possible during the late 20th century as manufacturing of cloth became cheaper and easier, through new materials like polyester and nylon, efficient supply chains and quick response manufacturing methods, and inexpensive labour in sweatshop production and low-labour protection bulk clothing manufacturing industries in South, South East, and East Asia.
Some of these retailers, like Primark, H&M and Zara, became large multinationals using business models based on high turnover of inexpensive clothing from the efficient production lines, to create more seasonal and trendy designs that are aggressively marketed to fashion-conscious consumers.
Fast fashion applies an extreme version of planned obsolescence to clothing. Because these designs are changing so quickly and are so cheap, consumers buy more clothing than they would previously, so expectations for those clothes to last decrease. Stealing designs is also common.Heading1

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Swap and Share

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right? Create a clothing exchange among your friends. Have a party where each person brings clothes that he or she no longer wants. Trade with your friends so that everyone leaves with fresh items for their wardrobe – without spending a dime or sending anything to the landfill.


With the popularity of Pinterest and online blogs, DIY has never been so exciting and creative. Check out online DIY resources for creative ideas on how to turn an old t-shirt into something fresh and new. Or come up with your own ideas to re-fashion your clothing.

Rags to Riches

Why not make a couple of extra bucks from nice clothes you no longer want? Resell your clothing online or at your neighbourhood consignment shop. Live in the Raleigh area? Find a consignment shop near you.

Donate, Feel Great

Donating your clothing is a great way to give back to the community while also clearing out space in your closet. Donations are often tax-deductible, too.

Don’t Scrap It

Turn your unwanted clothing into functional products. Oversized or faded t-shirt? Great for comfy pajamas. Ripped t-shirt? Might be great for household cleaning. Outdated skirt? Could be a great apron.

As you begin your spring cleaning, keep in mind that your clothing can be kept out of the landfill and recycled, reused or repurposed for the greater good.

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Writer's Alert

If you are keen to have a go in a magazine competition with your poetry/writing check out this magazine and current competition

RU OKAY? ask everyday check on family and friends. You can make a difference. Click on the logo for more information.

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If you suspect you or someone you know is at risk of or is being abused, you can call the South Australian Abuse Prevention Phone Line on 1800 372 310, Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm for information, support or to make a report to the Adult Safeguarding Unit, or by emailing


The Wandering Mind

The mind wanders

From here to there

Touching on this

Exploring that thing


And off again

Trawling through memories

Exploring future possibilities

Wasting time, or not?


Our minds rarely empty

Synapses constantly busy

Exploring the present

Reviewing the past.


Some of this brings joy

And some regret

Loved ones always there

Aspirations another constant.


World events impinge

Told of these we must know

And yet so little we each can do

To shape the clouds.

 As tempests build

We choose how we’ll react

Bunker down and pray

Or take another step.


Knowing that what counts

Is our own integrity

Reaching out to others

Planning for a better day.


Brian Matthews, 13-12-21

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Orange Sky Australia provides access to free laundry, showers and genuine conversation to people experiencing homelessness across Australia. With your help, we can continue to offer safe space for people who are doing it tough to maintain hygiene, regain hope and retain a sense of community through compassionate conversations.